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The wait is over

When we started the MemoryCap project in late-January, the task seemed daunting. A group of journalism students teaming up with a computer science student to design, market and create an app. Despite the initial thoughts, the project turned out to be a success despite the hardships and now, we get to present our app to you.

Team for left to right: Bao, Albert, Karla and Yi

Team for left to right: Bao, Albert, Karla and Yi

On Saturday, we and other teams in our class will present our app at Demo Day. And guess what, you are invited. Demo Day will take place on the second floor of the Belo Center for New Media. Starting at 12:30 P.M., each group will have 15 minutes to present and showcase their app. MemoryCap will be second to present, so make sure to get there early.

Here is a list of things to expect from MemoryCap at Demo Day:

  • Meet the team: all members of the group will be present to answer questions and comments. We will be outside the conference room before and after the presentation to meet everyone.
  • A time capsule of everyone – after the presentation, we will officially set the first time -capsule of everyone in attendance so make sure to come picture ready.
  • Download our app – we are working hard to get our app in the app store. Even if we are unable to do so by Saturday, you will still be able use our app in TestFlight.
  • Lots of fun – we can assure you that this will be a fun event. A lot of hard work has been put in from all the teams and we are all excited to showcase our progress.

What’s Next?

After Demo Day, we will continue to work on getting our app in the app store, if we haven’t done so already. Making changes to the app based on you feedback will be the most crucial step in the days after. Our app can only be great if you enjoy it, and therefor, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Our latest video will showcase our app in its entirety. With our app fully coded and finished, we wanted to make a video that showcased how to use it. Karla Benitez was directing once again and shot footage of our app around campus. Make sure to follow us on social media to see the debut of this video.

Notes from the coder:

Latest version of our app: Home Screen

Latest version of our app: Home Screen

Our team was the only one to have one coder and huge round of applause goes to Bao Trinh. He has turned all our mockups into a reality and is the only reason we have an app up and running. In the past week, he has added a camera to the app. Before, you had to choose photos from your gallery but now, you can take new photos in app. The backpack page has been created and it shows all your previous capsules’ content. Lastly, report and delete capsule buttons were added to ensure security. If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up to test our app here: https://goo.gl/forms/raw1fgo1ZuBo3iyx2

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Demo Day. See you there!

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.40.39 PM

Hello from Alternative Apps,

These past few weeks have been a little crazy and intense, but the finish line is right around the corner. If you haven’t heard of our app yet, allow us to reintroduce ourselves. Memory Cap is a twist on storing your favorite memories to special locations. MemoryCap is the only app that allows you to encapsulate photos to geolocations. The possibilities are endless. Not only are you able to save these favorite memories, but you can also see other memories for users as your roam around town.

Development continued smoothly. We implemented the features we needed for our MVP, namely the interfaces for creating and viewing capsules along with the profile page that displays capsules you’ve created.

New Design: 

Our unified design concepts being finalized, we’re ready to realize these designs and release the initial version of our app this week.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.42.20 PM

Share your favorite memory on Twitter using #MemoryCap:

The past few weeks members of our team have shared their favorite memories that they wish could have been encapsulated.  We want to hear your memories! Using the #MemoryCap on Twitter share your favorite memories with us and they could be featured in a future blog post.

Sign up now

 If you want to test our app before it is released, fill out this Google Doc and we will invite you to our TestFlight where you will have access to our app.

Last week, Albert and Karla shared their favorite memories. This week two new group members share their favorite memories.

Bao Trinh:

My dog wandered off one night while we were in a different neighborhood. Our flyers and searches at the shelters turned up nothing. Five months later we moved houses and accepted that he was lost. One day a stranger my mother was talking to recognized her description as the stray she had adopted. When we arrived at their door he burst out their gates and leapt on me. No one could believe the reunion.

Yi Li:

It was my last year in high school. It was an early spring night. After some exams, my friend and I were walking on the playground and talking about our dream school. We were exhausted. All of a sudden, a light breeze wafted a delightful scent of flowers to us, that’s the most delightful scent I have ever smelled.

What’s Next? 

As we mentioned earlier, our app will be submitted to Apple in the coming days with hopes of being released by mid-April. Follow us Twitter for the latest update. In the coming days, our team will be working on adding those who are interested in trying our app on TestFlight. We also plan on having our latest meet and great in front of the Union. This time around we will have a working demo of our app and you guessed it, free candy. Our hopes are to get your feedback so we can make necessary changes in version 1.2. You will also have the opportunity to share your favorite memories with us which can be showcased in a future blog post.

What’s your favorite memory?

Hello from MemoryCap,


As the submission date for our app approaches, we are hard at work trying to make the best app we possibly can. On the coding side of things, our team member has gotten the basic functionality of creating a setting a time capsule to your desired location and has begun implementing UI design to allow our users to have the best experience with MemoryCap. The UI designs have been through another round of editing and have been improved and simplified from their original versions. There is still time for you to take our survey and provide input on the functionality.

Since our app’s main purpose is to save memories to time capsules, this week we are sharing with you our favorite memories. We hope you share with us your favorite memory @memorycap.

Our Favorite Memories:

Karla Benitez:

When I was in seventh grade, my family and I traveled to Colorado to celebrate New Year. I remember driving from the airport to hotel and seeing snow falling from the sky. This was the first time I had ever seen snow. My younger brothers were asleep next to me and I could not keep my eyes off window hoping to see as much snow as possible. The next day was amazing! Seeing the snow in the sunlight was breathtaking. Since I am from McAllen, Texas the closest thing I had seen to snow was ice cream. The next few days turned out to be the best ever and to this day Breckenridge, Colorado is one of my favorite places on Earth. After taking in the snow, I proceeded to build the biggest snowman my body would allow and named him Fred.

Albert Valdez:

My eyes were glued to the television. Disbelief sunk in as my father cheered ecstatically besides me. The eruption of cheers from the stadium erupted through the televisions speakers. Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns had just erased a 12-point deficit in the fourth-quarter to win the national championship. A 12-year-old at the time, I remember celebrating with my father afterwards and thinking how surreal the moment felt because a win didn’t seem likely late in that game. That day, Jan. 4, 2006, is the day that I set out the goal of graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. The cheers and joy I shared with my father that day are ones that I wish I could have encapsulated.

Check back next week as other members of MemoryCap share their favorite memories. Share your favorite memories on Twitter with us using the #MemoryCap. Your memory could be showcased in an upcoming blog post.

Meetup 2.0

How does some free cookies and candy sound? This week will be tabling outside of the FAC with demos of our app available. Be the first to see our app and test it before it is released in the Apple app store. Your feedback will be appreciated. Day and time is to be determined but you can follow us on Twitter, @memorycap, to get the latest updates on the meetup.

MemoryCap commercial launches in 3…2…1

For our video we wanted to create something fun and creative that would introduce our audience to MemoryCap. Several ideas were in the works, but ultimately we decided to incorporate digging up a time capsule and how difficult that could be, in order to attract users to our mobile time capsule app.

The premise of the video is two friends attempting to find a time capsule they buried in the sand of a volleyball court. They begin digging a hole, but soon realize that the capsule is not there, so the duo start digging another hole where they think there time capsule may be. After digging several holes they still cannot find their time capsule, when a passerby approaches them and asks what they are doing. The passerby shows the friends MemoryCap and how saving memories to a location is much easier via MemoryCap than by physically digging a time capsule. Through the editing process, we decided that stylistically, the video would resemble a 1920s silent film. Making this decision turned out very successful, because it kept the mood light and fun, which is what we wanted to connote with our promo video. We really want our users to have fun when they use our app so we are very excited to introduce MemoryCap in its first video.

The Time Capsule Quest from Karla Benitez on Vimeo.

Other week 4 updates: 

New social media campaign:

We hear your frustration, you’re tired of digging up time capsules. You get dirty and you don’t always remember where you buried them. As you know, MemoryCap aims to replace your traditional time capsule with digital versions. With that mission in mind, we are introducing our #StopTheDigging campaign. In the coming weeks you may start to notice stickers around campus with this hashtag. Don’t pass them up! Snap a photo and share them with us on Twitter, @memorycap to enter our early access contest. We will be picking random winners who will gain early access to our beta versions of MemoryCap. Use the hashtag to share your stories and comments of when you wished you could store a photo to a geolocation that was special to you but couldn’t.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @MemoryCap for the latest news on our app and feel free to leave any comments or questions you have. We have a new Facebook page, click on the link to follow.

Coding progress

Among many small interface adjustments, we’ve integrated Facebook authentication into our sign-in system. Now you’ll no longer need to create an account with an email/password pair if you have a Facebook account. This was a small feature that proved to be more difficult than expected. Although ultimately, we successfully integrated Facebook’s system into our front and back end systems, paving the way for Facebook share capabilities in the future.

What’s next?

In the coming week, make sure to stay tuned to our social media accounts to learn more about our upcoming meet and greet.

With the logos we have designed previously, we had gained a few points of feedback from our peers that our app logo is too complex compared to typical Apple app logos. As we finalize our color pallet and logo, look for mockups that will be more in tune to what our final app will look like.

Behind the scenes photos of our commercial shooting




MemoryCap app development takes flight

Development, i.e. coding, started this week as we inch closer to releasing our app. The development this week was focused on getting the backend up and running. We decided to use Firebase. Firebase does a lot of the heavy-lifting for us. Its services include:

  • Authentication (email and Facebook/Google)
  • Storage (for photos and videos)
  • Database (to sync data across all users in real time)

Additionally, the GeoFire library provides a really easy way for us to implement geolocation. It provides an easy way to add and query location data on Firebase. We can search the geofire tags for local time capsules. Some screenshots of the development process:

Login Screen

Login Screen



Main Screen

Main Screen









Cocoapods was absolutely essential to implementing Firebase on our project. Manually linking Firebase and GeoFire was an option, but Cocoapods allowed us to avoid the messy business.

So far, we’ve implemented some of our MVP (minimally viable product) features. We can create ‘capsules’ by uploading an image and it is stored into the database along with the location data. As smoothly as the backend development as gone, we have a lot to work on in regards to the user interface. We’ve made some progress in regards to the concept and design.

Take a look at some of the digital wireframes that were created this week:

1.jpg         2.jpg

Last week we released our ideas for MemoryCap and included a survey for your input. The results are coming in with your preferences, but we still want more input. If you haven’t already, take our survey here to vote on your functionality preferences for MemoryCap.

Here are some UI designs:

These are some initial results that we have received from the survey:

Do you prefer to swipe to the next page or click on an icon to move to the next page?

  • Swipe: 40%
  • Click Icon: 60%

On the map feature, do you want a locked radius or an infinite radius, to see where time capsules are located? (Note: time capsules can only be opened if you are in the location where they are locked)

  • Locked radius: 40%
  • Infinite radius: 60%

Do you want a private and public distinction for your time capsule?

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 0%
  • I don’t care: 40%

Do you want your public time capsule to be saved by viewers?

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 40%

Do you want to save time capsules?

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 40%

How many pictures do you imagine placing in your time capsule?

  • 1-10: 30%
  • 10-15: 30%
  • 15-20: 10%
  • Unlimited: 30%

Would you like your time capsule to be commented on?

  • Yes: 100%
  • No: 0%

These initial results are important for us, because they give us a notion of what our users are going to like. However, we only got ten responses so overall the survey results are lacking in a realistic user opinion.In order to get more feedback and followers we are going to have a meet-up on campus in the coming week. Succeeding in an increase in followers is crucial to our app because then we will have a user base from the beginning. Not only is this beneficial to us now, but will definitely be necessary in the future when MemoryCap is ready to use and be tested.

Follow us on Twitter @memorycap for details about the meet up.

We Need You!


Calling all longhorns, this isn’t a drill. Over the past couple of days, our group has been hard at working creating potential wireframes and logos for our upcoming app, MemoryCap. But what’s an app without your feedback? Help us refine our design by answering questions about your preferences for app design. How do you like your apps to look and function?

Take our survey and let us know!


At its core, our app revolves around the idea of using time capsules to store text, images and video to your geolocation. We believe that it should also be the center point of our logo. Below are mockups of some potential logos we are considering and ones that we hope to get feedback from you.

MemoryCap Logo Drafts

Some drafts of logo ideas

Each of our group members were assigned the duty of creating their own original wireframe so we could come together and form the best possible draft. We fielded potential interfaces against each other to narrow down the optimal user experience. You can see some of our efforts below. Several aspects of our core experience became experience when we created the mockups. Some design choices we drafted earlier seem no longer that necessary, while others now appear more crucial to a fun and engaging user experience.

MemoryCap Wireframes MemoryCap Mockup GreyscaleRadar  MemoryCap Capsule Popup Mockup

With so many great ideas coming together, we want feedback from you to incorporate your favorite features. Here is a list of some of ours.

  • Description of time capsules: This feature would allow you to click on a time capsule and see more details about it including a title, description and the handle of the user who created it. Pulling up the user’s profile would allow you to see how many time capsules they have set and compare badges and achievements.
  • Saving time capsules: Saving time capsules of other users is an option we are thinking of and the power would be in your hands. Perhaps you think you have an image that can be the next great meme, but maybe you want to keep your public time capsules a little more local. The choice is yours.
  • Reactions: React to other time capsules using emoji’s. All reactions will be sent to the user and tallied on the time capsule.
  • Badges/achievements: Move up the ranks and receive exclusive time capsule and achievements the more you post. But where you post matters too. Want the rare mountain top achievement? Put on those hiking boots and store a time capsule at your nearest one.
  • MemoryCap backpack: a user menu that collects time capsules you have created and badges you have received. Achievements you have earned will be listed in their own menu with the ability to see how many more you have to achieve.
  • Map radius: The ability to see only what is front of you or venture out throughout the city and see what other capsules are out there. Restricting users’ view to an area forces them to focus on their surroundings.

These features are provisional based on the feedback we receive from our survey.

Hoping to hear from you,
the MemoryCap Team

MemoryCap Sprint 1 Meeting

Meet MemoryCap

Welcome to MemoryCap!

Graduation day has finally arrived and you decide to take one last selfie in front of the tower. What a moment, right? But what if it could last forever in the exact spot you took the photo, wouldn’t that be awesome? Well that is the idea behind our app, MemoryCap. Snap a photo and save it to the geolocation and share with anyone that passes by, or keep it private to friends and family. The possibilities are endless.

This social app will create a unique environment so that users can be creative and go back and relive important moments in their lives. Not only do we want MemoryCap to be user friendly and pleasing to look at, but also allow users to interact with one another by publishing their memories (pictures, videos, and or text). Pinning capsules to locations, will ideally make the content more entertaining to watch, since it would have taken place in the same spot the user is able to view the capsule. The app will consist of different tiers—standard to gold—at the highest level, the users has above a certain amount

of capsules that have been viewed many times. This structure will hopefully encourage users to create unique capsules and to use the app more frequently. Overall, our principle aim is to establish a working social app that focuses on people’s memories and the importance of sharing that with the rest of the world.

At its core, our app relies on these “time capsules” that are dropped off wherever you would like and allowed for anyone to walk by and view them. We believe that the exploration aspect that our idea brings is something to differentiate from all the competition.

Be sure to stay tuned as we take our app live in the coming months. In the coming weeks we hope to share updates on the app and promotional videos. Until then, we hope you take the time to meet the team.

Follow us on Twitter: @memorycap

Find us on Facebook here

Meet the Team:


Albert Valdez is a Senior journalism major from Corpus Christi, Texas. Like the other group members, he hopes to create a unique social media experience.

hassanHassan Sheikh is a Senior Computer Science major from Austin, Texas, currently working at Intel as a software engineering intern for almost 3 years, working on projects using Python, Java, and C Shell. Eager to extend his skills in coding, he is willing to put in all of his effort into working with this team to help create MemoryCap.



Bao Trinh is a Senior computer science major from Houston, Texas. With a focus on systems programming and network security, he’s now focused on expanding his software dev skills. In his off-time he enjoys biking, freeform dance, and talking about himself in the third person.



Yi Li is a graduate journalism major from Hangzhou, China. With experience in campaign design, she hopes to make MemoryCap a popular social app.


Karla Benitez is a Journalism and RTF senior. She is very excited to be taking this class and cannot wait to see what the end product will look like. Her strengths are graphic design and editing so with her skills she hopes to bring creativity to the team in order to reach their goals.