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The Last Post from MemoryCap

Hi MemoryCapers,

Thank you so much to everyone who came to support MemoryCap at Demo Day.

Please let us introduce our app for the last time this semester:

Memory Cap is a twist on storing your favorite memories to special locations. MemoryCap is the only app that allows you to encapsulate photos to geolocations. The possibilities are endless. Not only are you able to save these favorite memories, but you can also see other memories for users as your roam around town.

The last week was very busy for us. We met up almost everyday to practice our presentation, we changed our slides several times, just to get prepared for MemoryCap’s big day!

At Demo Day, we arrived two hours early to set up our table. We had a post board for people to share “what would you include in you time capsule”, and another poster to share their memories.


Our presentation went pretty well! Even better than we Expected. Starting with sharing our favorite memories with crowds, we introduced our design concepts, communication efforts and coding progress.


That’s the MemoryCap Bao and Yi created on the stage during the presentation.


That’s the MemoryCap we created for you!


We were so excited to see that audience and judges liked our idea. Also, we were grateful that you guys gave us so many useful feedbacks after our presentation, we will definitely try to improve our app in the future! MemoryCap is like our baby, We are so proud that you guys loved it.

During&After Demo Day, we had over 100 notifications on Twitter!


“Judges are currently discussing the winner of the day! Personal favorite was @MemoryCap”

— Hanna Chung @hanxyxc

“Team with @MemoryCap app tapping into popular trend of memory. Nostalgia media”

— Jeremy Shermak @JeremyShermak

“@MemoryCap’s UI has my inner designer’s heart”

— Brooke E. Sjöberg‏ @Sj0b3rg

How did memorycap become MemoryCap?

This semester, we spent three months on building and promoting MemoryCap. From a simple idea to a real app, we are so proud of ourselves. Three month seems short, but we did a lot, learned a lot, and all of us have went through so much together to have our first app succeed.

The memorable moments of MemoryCap:

Late-January: Start the project!

February:  Had the idea to do a digital time capsule app

                    MemoryCap! That’s the name!

                    Had our logo

                    Started coding and design

                    First commercial launched

March: Kept working on coding and design

              Tabling outside the Union

              Shot our second video

April: Had our test demo!

          Finalized UI designs

          Last two videos launched

          Demo Day! Introduced Introduced MemoryCap to the world!

What’s Next?

Yes! We still have the next!

Although we only have one more class this semester, MemoryCap would never say goodbye to you!

We will keep working on getting MemoryCap approved by Apple.

And like we said at Demo Day, we still have lots of improvements coming soon, so follow us on twitter @MemoryCap and sign up to test our app


Again, thank you so much, MemoryCapers! Love you!