Spring 2015 teams


An app that allows UT Austin students to buy/sell or trade goods through mobile.

Team: Brittany Shulman, Darice Chavira, Jeremy Bouzigard and Roman Hernandez

Twitter: @UniTrade_App


An app that wakes you up based on traffic and road conditions for your daily commute.

Team: Danielle Vabner, Duff Neubauer, Doug Waters and Laura Humphries.

Twitter: @iSleeplateapp


An Instagram-for-cats-and-dogs app. Share those cute pics of your favorite family members.

Team: Rachel Steinkamp, Sami Badgen, Vicky Li and Xiaorong Zhu.

Twitter: @PetWorkApp


A planning app that gently and sarcastically nudges roommates to get chores done around the house.

Team: Larisa Manescu, Theresa Callaway, Juliette Seive and Erin Bleiweiss

Twitter: @choreboard


A tool for journalists that allows for easy recording of phone calls and text-based search of conversations.

Team: Andy East, Taylor Villarreal, Faith Ruszkowski, Jacob Williamson and Sam Tipton

Twitter: @EchoedApp


Mobile videos mashed up with end-of-course survey results to help students pick their classes.

Team: Bryant Peng, Mercedes Cordero, Miles Hutson, Landon Pederson and  Zach Ioannidis

Twitter: @profsUT