Demo Day has come and gone!


Demo Day has come and gone! We hope that you were able to make it to demo day and that you enjoyed all of the different apps that you saw. Congratulations to Snowball for taking home the big W. The App Store clearly doesn’t know what they are missing by not approving their app already! We are really proud of all of the work our classmates out in to create some really stellar apps. Shout out to Bao from MemoryCap for being the only developer on the team and coding the ENTIRE app. That is one impressive guy right there! And the whole time he didn’t even complain. What a guy.

As you all know we did have several technical difficulties during the presentation. It was a very unfortunate situation especially since we had everything set up beforehand and it was all working properly! However, minus the technical difficulties we had during our presentation Demo Day was a success! For those of you that came we truly appreciate it. You all have been the reason for us to continue working so diligently on Voyce. We hope that you all enjoy the app and make good use of it!

We do have some long term stretch goals for Voyce so keep on the lookout for some future updates. Of course we are always working to fix bugs and eliminate software issues, but we are also wanting to implement a way of adding and communicating with friends.

As you all know right now Voyce is open to the public. Anyone can see the content posted by everyone else. We know that it would be really neat to also allow a private feature as well, so that is what we will be implementing next. We think it would be really cool to have friends or followers in the app that could see the content you posted. Having both a public and private option, like Twitter would be a really great feature to have.

Thank you all very much for sticking with us throughout the semester. It takes a true fan (or professor) to read through this blog post each week! You all rock. We hope to continue to use you all with TestFlight when we further develop the app so stay on the lookout!

As always you can check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information. Thank you all for everything. We will be staying in touch! Enjoy these pictures from demo day below!