Dresser: Last blog post!

Thank you all to our loyal blog readers, Facebook likers, and Instagram/Twitter followers. We’ve had a great couple of months updating you all about the Dresser app, and we’ve finally reached the end of the semester. For most of the team, it’s our last time in a classroom at UT.


Demo Day was a huge success! Thanks to all who showed up to support our team (cough, cough – moms, dads, significant others). Here’s a quick recap for those of you who couldn’t make it: Dresser won best logo! The team knows that this is because of the hard work Tori Townsend put into the design of our app from start to finish. Her first goal for the team was our logo, and we were in love with the design from the second we saw it. Tori also selected our color pallet and is the reason for the beautiful teal throughout the app. Good work, Tori!

We spent our time on Demo Day before the presentations mingling with the audience outside the auditorium. We set up a photo booth, and we’ll share those photos on social media on Monday. So follow, follow, follow us at @dresserstyleapp on all of the things. This time before the presentation also gave us a chance to walk people through the app on our own phones. We felt like our target audience (females 18-25) were really impressed with the app and seemed to be interested in using the app. We also got a lot of feedback through Twitter about how interested students were with the app! Check out the hashtag #UTapps on Twitter if you want to see all the fun we had on Saturday. Check out just a few of the tweets we loved reading on Saturday.

Dresser’s presentation ran smoothly, too. Tori worked really hard on the design of our presentation, and we think it turned out super clean. We stayed under 10 minutes and all had a chance to talk about the parts of Dresser that each of us worked on. Nicole talked about social media, Hannah talked about photo and video, Tori discussed design, and Ben and Adam talked about coding the app. We even had time to include a live demo of Dresser and a marketing video that Hannah made a couple weeks ago. Congratulations to all the teams for their hard work on their apps this semester!

Don’t worry, y’all. This isn’t the end of Dresser. You’ll still be able to download the app at bit.ly/dresserapp. We currently have more than 50 downloads of Dresser on the App Store and more than 140 outfits have been sent through the app. We only want those numbers to grow! Later updates to the app could be coming soon – that would include private messaging and bug fixes. Thanks again for those of you who have kept up with us this semester. We know it’s taken over all of our social media accounts, so we appreciate you sticking around and downloading Dresser.