The Home Stretch

For the past 4 months, the Repped Team has been working tirelessly to create the best way to listen to music with friends. Through trials and tears, the journey is finally coming to a close. Next Saturday we, as well as the rest of the Mobile Applications class, will be presenting our app to an audience at Demo Day.  To prepare for the Demo day we recorded our last video which will serve as our opening clip explaining at Demo Day.

This week we filmed our fourth video. Our main goal in this video was to portray a prime example of a situation in need of Repped. The follows one friend trying to show another friend new songs and the difficulty in showing the songs and receiving feedback about the song choices, the prime functionality of the application. Watch and be satisfied!

Our plans for Demo Day have changed a little over the past week as we worked through how we want to present Repped. Originally we planned to have props on the stage to portray three separate rooms, each with their own dancer in the room. As the demonstration progress, the dancers in the rooms would sync to dance to the same song. This idea proved to be very difficult to set to sync the demo with the rooms and coordinate a troupe of dancers. Instead, we have filmed short segments of individual dancers dancing to songs and as the demo progress, we will switch the video of each dancer as the song changes on the app.

Now the plan is for us to open with a quick introduction of ourselves and Repped and go start our fourth video. Afterward we will give a short biography of Repped, from its humble beginnings as Pass The Aux, see earlier blog posts, all the way to its current impressive state. We will conclude with the live demo, featuring the clips of dancers. You’ll have to come out to see the magic. Be sure to bring plenty of Kleenex, you’ll be weeping tears of joy.

On the dev side, it has been a mad rush to clean up the UI and add some last minute functionality to the app. On the UI side, we made a priority to clean up the music screen. Now listeners can add to their own queue so that they can have a queue ready if they get made the leader of the room. We also removed the clunky play button for the leaders of the room. Now when a leader adds the first song to an empty queue Repped will start playing that song. We also made it so that both leaders and listeners can see their queue and the recently played songs in the room. So as the leader plays songs off their queue they songs move into the recently play section of the table view. This is also reflected in the firebase entry for the room.


We also finally made the popup controller show the correct buttons for leaders and listeners and set up the respective functionality for the buttons. We did run into issues of the leader skipping the song and the correct song would play but the popup controller would not change the album art and song info. But not unlike most problems in a program we found a one line solution to a 4 hour problem. Our latest painstaking effort was spent adding titles on the navigation bar for the room page. Alas, the smallest changes seem to be the biggest pains.

Until the supreme gatekeepers of all thing’s Apple approve Repped to be on the App Store, sign up to be a beta tester and let us know what you think. Until next time stay classy San Diego