Commercial 4 is done!

What’s up!!!!

We are finally wrapping up Voyce! We had a busy week on both the marketing side of things and the technical side. Everyone has been working really, really hard and we are proud of the work we have accomplished. Thank you all for hanging in there with us and staying to the end!

It’s so hard to believe that we started from those hand drawn sketches and the unattractive mockups to a working, functional app. We honestly can’t believe that Voyce is in the app store! We were approved and this week we released our first update, Version 1.1. With that release we changed the time lapse on the login screen, added mobility within the app, and fixed some backend syncing issues.

You all should be expecting version 1.1.1 in the app store the next couple of days. It is currently being processed, but when released it will feature yet another time lapse change, better navigation through the app, server syncing fixes, font changes, color changes, a loading screen and overall bug fixes. We worked really hard this week on the technical side to get as many kinks out of Voyce as possible! We hope you enjoy!

There are definitely still quite a few bugs and issues with the app, but we will continue to work hard this week to get as many of those bugs fixed. Thanks for your feedback and for testing out our app. It’s been helpful as we have found out some problems we didn’t anticipate. That is okay! We wouldn’t be able to fix the issues if we didn’t know about them.

We look forward to demo day as we have prepared quite a bit for it! We decided that on our attire for the day so everyone be sure to check it out! We are in the process of getting custom made t-shirts with our logo on them. They are going to be great. This week we came up with a script and PowerPoint presentation for demo day, but we shouldn’t say more because we don’t want to spoil anything!

We were also able to shoot and produce our fourth Voyce commercial. This one is our favorite yet! We filmed random people around campus using Voyce and put them all together in a compilation. You can view the video below. Enjoy!

We really appreciate all of your patience as we create this new app. We are continuing to update Voyce so every release should be significantly better than the last. Stay tuned for more updates in the app store. You all rock! Keep watching our social media accounts and keep being awesome!