Brunch is always a good idea

The Dresser team ended a productive week with a meeting over brunch Saturday at Snooze in Austin. We won’t bore you with the details of homemade sausage gravy or eggs benedict, but more importantly, the team came up with a redesigned slideshow for our Demo Day. We hope you’ll all be impressed with our slideshow theme and color. We spent the weekend rearranging slides, rewriting our pitch to the judges, and we’ll finally meet up Sunday night to do a run-through before our  in-class presentation on Monday. The in-class presentation is a way to work out all the kinks before the big day. We’ll also get to hear all the other app team’s proposals! We’re less than one week away from Demo Day, and the team is pumped to show off Dresser. Stop by Belo if you’re interested in seeing the final presentation and most updated version of the app.

We’ve reached nearly 50 users on Dresser this week, and the team has been sending photos back and forth to work out any problems in the app before Demo Day. The latest version of the app will be pushed out right before Demo Day and will include starred “top outfits” and the ability to add friends through Facebook. We talked about this in the last blog post, but the top outfits function will give you stars on your top three rated photos in your private profile. Here’s a sneak peak of the stars on your private profile.

This version is only available for the developers right now, but it will make its way to the App Store soon! Keep an eye on social media and your iPhone updates.

We also spent the week wrapped up in video production. Our fourth and final promo video will launch this Sunday, so make sure you’re monitoring your social accounts for that. This video is an entire walkthrough of the app, featuring two friends using Dresser while one decides what to wear for a job interview. She gets the job and the friends decide to meet up for drinks! We shot most of the video in Nicole’s apartment on Wednesday, then we met up at Epoch coffee for the final meetup shot. Hannah will spend Sunday editing and posting the video before our team meeting.

Tonight’s meeting will also serve as a chance to take a high-resolution shot of all of us for a slide in our Demo Day presentation. Hannah is bringing along her Canon Rebel to take a photo of all us together. This will be much better quality than last week’s Instagram post at Tap24. An iPhone camera can only do so much when it’s dark outside.

In final Dresser news, your loyal blog writer is sick as a dog. Most of my Dresser photos this week have been at the doctor’s office in leggings or crying in my bed. Please send me photos of your beautiful outfits @nicole on Dresser to cheer me up. That’s all for this week. We hope to see you at Demo Day on Saturday. RSVP to the Facebook event here.