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Crossing the finish line!

Another UT Apps Demo Day in the books! Yesterday’s presentations were truly impressive – congrats to everyone!

Between our Bike Hub t-shirts (here’s a link to the design, since a few people requested it) and our custom Snapchat filter, we’ve got some great mementos – but the best part of the day was goofing around with the other teams. We love you guys!!


MeFree, Where Ya’ll At and Bike Hub <3 

Bike vs. Bus: The race is on.










Demo Day really began on Friday… We rehearsed late Friday afternoon and planned the intro to our presentation (me actually biking down to the stage). I spent the rest of that evening baking cupcakes and wondering how to best ride a bike down the auditorium aisle without making a complete idiot out of myself. Good news: both the cupcakes and the bike ride turned out to be a hit.

Our presentation went well, too, and our Twitter feed was flooded before/during/after we were up, which was super exciting and encouraging:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.59.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.42.31 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.45.26 PM

Intermission was an awesome opportunity to chat with a few of the judges and answer questions about our app. We were blown away by the positive feedback we received from the audience both on Twitter and during the break, and to top it all off, we won the award for Best App Icon!

It’s been an exceptional semester working beside some of the most talented, driven students, and the most patient, knowledgeable professors. Thank you to everyone who came out to Demo Day and celebrated with us, we appreciate you and hope you’ll enjoy using Bike Hub!!

Last but not least, I want to thank Jerry, Tony, and Alexiz for being such amazing teammates. #BikeHubClub forever.






Aura Work is Done Here

First of all, we at Aura would like to thank Cher for making an appearance at Demo Day!!! She was a total hit, as you can tell from all the pics below:


Sidenote: Look at baby Cher!!! We at AURA learned that lifesize 3-D cutouts are hard to make from scratch, and if you bring one to a babysitting job to work on after the kids are asleep, the people who employ you will get pretty weirded out.


Moving on past Cher (sorry Cher, we know u deserve all the attention in the world), we won Most Original App Idea at Demo Day!!! Honestly, we here at Aura are super pumped that we won anything. And Paola’s friend brought her a bottle of wine as a congratulations, so she was the biggest winner of all.


Seriously though, this semester has been a whirlwind, and we are so glad we did well at Demo Day! It was a blast, and if I do say so myself, our setup was pretty fabulous.

Alongside a lifesize cutout, we had AURA shirts for the team (made by the same mysterious member that crafted Cher), and AURA stickers for everyone! And a rainbow flag and a banner. Listen, I go all out for events like this, ok. I know it’s unusual. I’m just really into it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.30.35 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.30.26 PM

Besides Demo Day being an outlet for me to express my pent-up craftiness, we at Aura got to meet and talk to lots of great people about out app! We hope we made some meaningful connections, and at the very least that Aura got some more downloads in the app store.


Now we have one more week of classes to wrap up the semester (which is insane that it came this quickly, by the way), so we will discuss the future of Aura! Also, version 1.5 is awaiting approval in the app store, so keep an eye out for the update coming soon!!!

Came in Clutch


Hi there!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to Demo Day and supported our team. Clutch won “Best App” and “Best Presentation” and we could not think of a better way to wrap up this incredible journey.

The days leading up to Demo Day were busy and full of hard work. On Thursday we met up for several hours in the Belo auditorium to run through our presentation.


Saturday we met up at Belo an hour and a half before go time. Melyssa made a photo prop for our booth and it was a hit.


Our presentation went smoothly and everyone in the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. We had 24 people download and begin using our app yesterday.


We also had fun visiting the other groups tables and listening to all of the awesome presentations.

Here we are at MeFree’s photo booth.


Here’s a little friendly competition with Bike Hub.


Overall, demo day was a success. Thank you for following along each week!

And, if you haven’t yet…DOWNLOAD CLUTCH :)




Where Y’all At and Where Y’all Been

Just like that, it’s over. We’ve been preparing for Demo Day all semester, and now that it’s done we’re not quite sure what to do now. Tons of people, albeit mostly J302F students, attended the event. Adam’s parents showed up for moral support. We were even trending on twitter for a while there.

Thankfully Martin’s flight home wasn’t delayed and he was able to make it to the auditorium just before MeFree’s presentation got under way. Switching our presentation slot from third to sixth may not have been necessary in the end, but we loved being able to wrap up the presentations and show the audience how each team’s app could work together in perfect harmony.


We may not have won an award at Demo Day, but like Professor Quigley said we’re all winners in the end. Each of us on the Where Y’all At team have learned many valuable lessons throughout the semester that we will take to heart for the rest of our college careers and onward. Thank you so much Robert and Jeff for helping us through every struggle and keeping us on track, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We Made It!

We can’t believe it- our entire semester of hard work was showcased at Demo Day on Saturday! The event was such a great way for all of our classmates to show off their awesome apps. We’re so proud of everyone for all they’ve accomplished.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.47.39 PM

The team arrived two hours early to set up, practice, and mentally prepare for the big presentation! I created a backdrop to take photos in front of. Destinee made wing props for people to use as well. We also put together goody bags full of candy to hand out to the first 10 people to come by our table and take photos with our props. We also had coordinated shirts with our names and logo on them!

By the time we had our station set up and ready to go, we had enough time to squeeze in our last two rehearsals before presenting.

By noon, we were inside anxiously waiting to be the first group to present. Our presentation went really well (it was far better than any rehearsal we’d done) and the crowd seemed to love it! We kept an eye on Twitter to see the audience’s reaction to MeFree and we were happy to see a lot of positive feedback.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.42.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.42.48 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.42.57 PM

Following our presentation, we accepted a few questions from the judges. After answering those, we took our seats and enjoyed our classmates’ presentations. During the intermission, people came by our table to take photos and pick up their goody bags!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.57.22 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.58.12 PM

Overall, this journey has been both difficult and exciting. A lot of hard work, late nights, and disagreements came up along the way, but they all contributed to the final product of MeFree. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out.

We’d like to give a special thanks to our professors, Robert and Jeff, for guiding us throughout this process. We’d also like to congratulate all the other teams on their incredible apps.

Download MeFree in the App Store today and follow us on social media!






Demo Day Wrap Up!

Hey guys, Team TION here with our final Poli update for the semester! It’s been an incredible journey these past 12 weeks, as all of our apps went from simple ideas on paper to real apps on the App Store! Time really flew by this semester, and even now it’s hard to believe Demo Day was just yesterday! We hope you guys were able to watch all of the groups present yesterday, and if you weren’t there, you missed out on some awesome presentations (not to mention some free Poli swag as one of our Poli fans tweeted about).



While it was hectic at times, and slightly nerve-wracking for some of us, we had a great time showing off Poli to everyone in the crowd. It started off getting to the site in the morning to make sure our presentation was on point, and to go through a last run before kick-off. Here’s an anxious looking James as he’s making some last minute changes to some slides while the rest of us are ready to rock on stage!

1334x1334.jpeg.a9789533426a40c7891c72b6e8b03032.large      1280x960.jpeg.1d615ccc86fd4052ab85ef87ff0e4d54.large

After kick-off, we were scheduled right after the intermission, so we had plenty of time to set up and give out our awesome wristbands (and play some jamming music for our lovely audience). Finally, the intermission’s over and it’s our turn on stage! Here’s a picture of Quigley introducing us before our presentation (with Quan making sure his mic is on).


Our presentation went smoothly with no technical difficulties, and people really seemed to enjoy our presentation, especially when James talked about our design process and iterations. James, a very gifted speaker, was able to effectively communicate our design philosophy and process to everyone in the crowd, and the judges really seemed to take notice. In fact, we even managed to take home the prestigious Best Design Award for this year’s Demo Day! We know the wait was long for our final designs, but we hope it was worth it for you guys to have that perfect user experience on Poli.

On that note, Poli 1.1, with our (Award Winning) final designs implemented, is updated on the App Store now! If you’ve already downloaded Poli, go ahead and update the app to see our beautiful new screens; if you haven’t downloaded Poli, download it now and see what you’re missing out on!

It’s been an awesome ride with you guys, and we’re pumped to see how everyone uses Poli. Like we said at Demo Day, we hope you guys enjoy using Poli as much as we enjoyed making it!

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on how to improve Poli, we’d love to hear your feedback! Give us a shoutout on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts with your ideas, and help us make Poli the best it can be!