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Brace Yourselves!

Demo Day… is upon us.

Okay so we’re not actually freaking out that bad, as things are coming together quite smoothly!

MeFree has gone through some serious layout / design updates, and we’re almost done! We hope our update is in the app store soon so y’all can enjoy it, but until then our newest video will have a simulation where you can take a look at the new layout!

And for now, I thought it might be fun for us to show you the different home screens we’ve had!

MeFree Home PageHome Page MVPIMG_04191-168x300

We met up today and yesterday to finish up some stuff for MeFree, prepare our presentation for Demo Day (and tomorrow’s pre-Demo Day presentation) and record our last video!

With Demo Day quickly approaching, we’re preparing the goodies we’ll be giving away, so be sure to come see us! We can’t wait for y’all to see how far MeFree has come!

See y’all at Demo Day!


House Bike Hub

Brace yourselves, Demo Day is coming.

I’m no mother of dragons, but I do consider myself a *co-mother of the little infant that is Bike Hub.

Today Julia, Jerry and I were able to get together tonight and rehearse for tomorrow’s pre demo-day demonstration, and while we’re excited, there is a list of things we’d like to get done. (Also, shout out to Aura it was nice to have some company in the “fish bowl.”)

Post-Rehearsal Selfie

Post-Rehearsal Selfie

1)   Take nice, semi-professional team pictures–we might look awkward posing in front of Belo in our bike hub shirts, but at least our presentation slides will look great.

Bike Hub T-shirts for Demo Day

Bike Hub T-shirts for Demo Day

2)   Create a mock up of what bike hub would like on Apple Watch– it’s some serious week one déjà vu of planning and developing.

3)   Finalize all marketing efforts for demo day– we’re thinking cupcakes with little bike hub flags on top? Anything to get people to come to our table and talk to us.

Finally, I’m considering taking extra time to really add some spunk to our slides. My perfect little sunflower, Julia, found a great site that allows aesthetically appealing slides without the busy-ness that is Prezi (Sorry Quigley, I’m all Prezi’d out).

There was also a video due this week, and despite the lack of bikers on campus (I know y’all exist, I was almost run over two times last week!), when we tried to film, our friends at Aura helped us out!

If any other teams would like to check out the presentation site we used, here is the link, pals:

I regret to inform that this is my final blog post for the semester, but thanks to all my fans–the two people who’ve read my posts, aka Quigley and Mom! It’s been real and as always…

Peace, Love and Bike Hub,


Aura in the Final Stretch

Demo Day is coming closer, and we here at Aura are working hard to be ready! But, before talking about our updates, here is the video you’ve all been waiting for:

As a short summary, it compiles our interviews with local LGBTQIA supporters — they had so much to say, picking the best parts of their talks was difficult for sure. However, this summary doesn’t do the video justice, so click on the link and watch it, or you are missing out big time.

Also, on the new side of things, Aura has been redesigned!


Some containers have been added to the listings, as well as tabs to sort through the businesses. We’re also currently working on completing the map before submitting version 2.0

In preparation for demo day, we have ordered stickers, and I (Darby) am slaving away over our t-shirts for the big event. While slaving may be an exaggeration, I do want them to look nice and not Pinterest fail-y.

All of us at Aura are pretty pumped for the big day — we’re currently practicing for our presentation right now. Everybody says hi! We may be blurry, but we’re also excited.


Be sure to come out to Demo Day, and as always, follow Aura on social media:

Twitter: @ApplicationAura






Demo Daze

The semester has flown by and the week of Demo Day is officially upon us.  In just six days, you’ll find our team telling the world (or at least those at Belo) about our entire app making journey.

We will also be showing our latest video (see below). In this video, Micah’s Clutch acting career came full circle. We included some footage from our first demo video to show the transformation of life before and after Clutch.

Clutch Final Promo from sydney fedora on Vimeo.

In the midst of preparing for our big day, our coding trio has continued to work toward updating and improving our app. MORE UPDATES? WHAT? I know, I know, how will you possibly sleep at night when being consumed by the suspense?

Well friend, it’s your lucky day. I’m here to give you a sneak peak of an exciting update before it even reaches the app store.

Now, when selecting your bus stop, it’s out with the old…


..and in with the new!


Thats right, once the update is available you will be given a map view that will display the stops as well as a list view. As you can see, this change is still in it’s early stages but we hope to have it running ASAP.

It’s time for us to get back to work on Demo Day. See you there!


Poli 1.1, the makeover

Hey guys, Poli here to give you an update on what we’ve been working on this week! We (finally) finalized our designs for Poli, and we’ve been scrambling to implement them as soon as possible so you guys can begin checking it out. We’re doing a complete makeover to a lot of the screens in Poli, and we think you guys will really love it! We’re nearly complete with every single, as we only have the Login/Sign-Up screen left, and some minor tweaks across a couple of other screens. After that, we’ll ship Poli 1.1 out to the App Store as we know you guys are dying to try it out!

As a reward for y’alls patience and waiting, we’ll give you guys a quick glimpse of the new screens on Poli!

To start with, we have our totally awesome and colorful splash screen. This will be the first thing you see when you download and install Poli!

Splash Screen

Next we have our redesigned home screen. We kept the same basic concept of a news feed, with information such as the channel and date, but in addition we’re adding a comments count to show the number of comments in a post. We also added more gray space between the posts to more clearly show when a post ends and when a new post begins. Lastly, we also added a swipe-to-refresh feature, since we know that’s the most intuitive way to get the latest information on nearly all apps.

Home Posts                      Refresh

Also if you noticed, we have a new snazzy cool graphic bar at the top of the app, with Poli’s icon in the middle. We also added helpful icons at the bottom toolbar, as we know a picture is worth a thousand words, and makes using the app a lot easier!

We also did a similar rework for a specific post view, where the comments look similar to how posts do in the home screen. In addition, we also added a feature that shows the number of comments in a post at the current time (and updates whenever a new comment is added)!

Comments View

If you haven’t already noticed the pattern, we decided to stick with a similar theme for all of our lists of views, to make the design as uniform throughout the app as possible. With this in mind, here’s pictures of our Channels and Me pages (which will both look similar to the Home screen, just containing different information).

Channels View                         Me View

Now we still have a few more tweaks to make before we’re able to send the update out to the App Store, but we hope you guys are excited as we are over the new design! Be on the lookout for Poli 1.1 on the App Store in the next few days!

If you have any thoughts or comments on the new design, give us a shoutout on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts! We’d love to hear what you guys think! Also be sure to download Poli on the App Store at …!

P.S. Check out some world class acting from James and CJ in our last promo video!

See you guys at Demo Day!

Kicking Butt and Making Apps

Blog Post 11 Pics

Martin and Sherry are spending the weekend literally kicking butt in the national college taekwondo tournament. Martin is one of the team’s coaches and Sherry is competing in the black belt division. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a champ in our midst when they get back.

We got most of our group work early in the week. Everyone’s schedule is understandably packed for the last stretch of the semester, so finding a time to meet was tricky. Thankfully we got it done, and after an hour of relatively over the top acting and some shaky GoPro filming we got it done. The video is fairly different from our first three and will be unveiled on Demo Day. Get excited.

Our group has been pumping out updates to the app since it got into the app store earlier this month. We’ve submitted two updates so far, one of which has been accepted by Apple. We’re aiming to submit at least one more update before Demo Day to update each friend’s icon on the map and add an information page explaining the various functions of the app.

With demo day coming up we will all be working at a feverish pace to refine our app and our presentation. We’re figuring out a fun way to start the presentation off that doesn’t involve a rave or glow sticks, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise by writing what we’re going to do here. Let’s just say the audience is in for a treat.

See you Sunday! It’s gonna be fun.

The calm before the storm

With the Austin area experiencing a torrential downpour this week, our initial plans for the final promo video have been somewhat thwarted. But the weather could be to our advantage, because Bike Hub is all about making everyone’s bike commute to campus easier, rain or shine.

We’ve made some changes to the UI/UX of the app, which include automatic zoom in the map view, so users don’t see a crowded map screen when they first open the app. The map pins have gone through multiple color changes, and that process is still ongoing, but we think we’re close to finding a scheme we’re happy with.

Lastly, we’ve sent out a survey for everyone who has tested our app, and we’d love you forever if you filled it out! The feedback we’ve gotten so far has really helped us in changes we’re making now, but also with features we’d like to talk about on Demo Day.

Congrats to everyone for getting into the App Store! Alexiz, Jerry and I (Tony doesn’t have an iPhone) have been testing out the other team’s apps, and they all look amazing.

*High fives all around*


Poli is Here!

Poli has officially been approved by the App Store!

You can officially download Poli at: …

This has been an incredible journey as we’ve all grown through this process by learning new skills and developing as a team, and while being approved and getting a place on the App Store is a big deal, we know we’re not done yet. 

We are still in the process of enhancing the  graphically user interface (GUI) to better enhance the user experience of Poli.  With the next update, users will  experience a better layout as well as an updated color scheme. We’ve also met to discuss other ways to improve Poli with better design and categorization.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.40.28 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.38.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.38.37 PM


Also, We look forward to Demo Day where we plan to show off all the features the Poli is capable for. We’re planning daily to have a great presentation and there will be some free swag for the people! Stay tuned for announcements we have coming up!

If you haven’t already, follow us on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts for the latest updates on Poli! Also be sure to download Poli and tell us what you think!

You can download Poli at: …


Back and better than before

Our first update is live in the App Store and we are so excited!

Here are a few of the new features:

-added coverage for several new routes

- search availability for routes within the app

- new controls for zooming to your location

- fixed bugs

Click here to download now!
(And give us your feedback in this SUPER short survey.)

In the meantime, we will continue to update our app to make it even better. Also, make sure you’re following our Twitter and that you’ve liked our Facebook page. We’ve been posting about Demo Day which is on April 30! See you there :)

Getting Where Y’all At in Ship Shape

There’s still a mountain of work to do ahead of Demo Day. We took a couple day sabbatical after submitting Where Y’all At to the app store, but that break has come to an end. Now comes the time consuming task of making sure the app is pristine and that our Demo Day presentation is concise and polished.

Our presentation is in the early stages of development. We’re currently brainstorming how we want to make our entrance, what we want to focus on and what we can cut out. I don’t think we will be raving our way onto the stage like Pxljam, but I’m sure we’ll think of a fun way to break the ice with the audience. We’re also going to need to figure out how to allocate speaking time during the presentation. Needless to say we have a lot of different moving parts to ponder and the next two weeks are going to be full of practice sessions.

Jeff and Robert have provided incredibly helpful feedback since our app appeared in the store. After finding a few bugs, we fixed the code up a bit so the users can see destination pin dropped more quickly and correctly. The app title was still “Where U At” as opposed to “Where Y’all At”, so that was a quick fix. We also corrected the logo that appears when the app is launched.

There are a few things that need to be fixed before submitting for our version 1.0.2 or 1.1. The pin representing each friend in the app needs to show the person’s face, their Facebook profile picture, or their name. We should also have a quick tutorial for the user when they open the app for the first time. The Facebook login needs to be fixed so that the user doesn’t have to login again if they haven’t logged out since their last session.