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The Promo

Checking in with our fans . . .

You can see our posts now at 

As you can see, our new blog is up and running! We’re really excited to showcase our brand and content on a completely redesigned platform. For the engineers out there, we’re using Jekyll to generate our static website and then pushing it out onto S3! The current blog is inspired by Medium! We’re hoping the clean format will be a great way for us to keep our fans informed about Poli’s development process!
We have a really exciting announcement for all of our fans! We’ve finally settled on a logo!

Final Logo

Final Logo

If you’ve been following our progress, you’ve seen our design evolve gradually. We’ve attempted to slowly distill the essential brushstrokes that compose a mountain down to a minimal set of lines. The final Poli logo should be understood through that series of experimental designs. What we’ve arrived at is a logo with two overlapping triangles that represent a distant mountain. The cool blue colors are intended to give the viewer a feeling of coldness. And the downward stem gives the overall image a striking similarity to the letter P. This logo is the result of multiple interations and feedback from classmates, instructors, and other team members.

This past week at Poli, we’ve been hard at work on creating an exciting promotional video! One of our team members, Josh, came up with the concept for the video. He helped craft the story and we all played along. Josh is a storytelling and editing ninja, so you’re in for a real treat! I don’t want to give too much away, but our videos throughout the semester will all be linked together! There will be a cohesive story that’s told by piecing the different videos together.

Here are some shots from the video shoot . . .

Behind the scenes, we brainstormed ideas for the movie.

Behind the scenes, we brainstormed ideas for the movie.

We wrote the script for the movie.

We wrote the script for the movie.

And we shot multiple takes of every single scene.

And we shot multiple takes of every single scene.

Josh was a wizard with the editing. We shot a ton of giggle-ridden scenes that he somehow stitched together to create a far better final edit than any of us could have hoped for. After multiple takes and a ton of redos (we have no Leos on the team), here’s the finished product. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as much as we enjoyed filming it!

<iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Overall, it’s been a pretty productive week for your friends on the Poli team.


Never Miss The Bus Again!

Clutch Bus App Promo 1 from sydney fedora on Vimeo.

Hello again! As you can see above, this week we had a little fun and made a Clutch promo video. In our videos we hope to show the ways that Clutch will take the pain out of getting to the bus on time.

In this one, Micah shows us the frustrating reality of unreliable bus schedules. Shoutout to  his ridiculously good acting skills. Leo better hold on tight to his Oscar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P.S. If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow us on all of our social media accounts! Like and share with your friends. Your friends don’t want to miss the bus either!!! #Clutch

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Keeping up with WhereUAt — Social Media Spotlight

Our social media came to life this week, with our Facebook page receiving the most honorable mention. We shared our page with all our friends and family on Facebook and we are nearing 200 likes! For the coming weeks, we will continue to push and promote on social media. Twitter is up next for a revamp.

We had a pretty heavy focus on promotion this week with the filming of our first video. Sherry and Adam handled the production by dividing and conquering. Sherry wrote the script, Adam edited the clips, and everyone pitched in for a final storyboard since we planned a little more content than we needed.

Admittedly, video production isn’t a strong point or preference for our journalists, but filming altogether was a fun experience (especially on such a pretty day!) Our programmers even got behind the camera and tried their hands at filming too!

Speaking of programming, Martin and Angel continued coding this week. They met up in the Mac Lab in GDC to create a new private repo due to troubles with the Pods file. After merging the codes between the loading screen and the map view, Angel put a timer in the loading animation screen so it doesn’t stay on the screen. They successfully merged the loading screen and the map screen. They’re trying to get the current location to show up in the map screen, but there are some bugs breaking the code. The goal is to fix it in next week!

We’re hard at work to meet the 5-week deadline, and can’t wait to share the app with y’all.

That’s where we at.

More-a Aura

First thing’s first; here is our video!

Watch it here

Guess what? Aura application development process has started this week. We are very excited to be sharing this with you all. The mock-ups for the application are going from simple drawing to actual code. Our programmers have been implementing the basic designs into xcode using swift language. So far only a few places pop up according to what the user requests. This upcoming week we are looking to start thinking about the different features that will make the app to go from “good” to “awesome”!

Jamie has also designed a new logo using our palette color chosen. Look at it!!!


Our journalism students have also been working hard on getting the data needed from the places on campus. For example, which places describe themselves as LGBTQIA friendly or which allow open carry. We will also be using Yelp’s API to gather the basic info the places already display on Yelp.


If you want to keep updating yourself on the process and what our team is doing visit our social media and invite your friends!

Twitter: @ApplicationAura

Facebook: Aura



Bike Hub With the Wrist (handlebar) Motion

Okay so I’m not as creative as Julia with the “song title” theme, but I did recently “happen upon” an ESPN highlight clip of Stephen Curry’s casual 40-ish foot shot that put him as the current NBA leader in scoring. Thus, my hip-hop/basketball-referenced title.

Since this week was “promo video” week, we’ve embedded our video below and yes, my friends, the cyclist featured in the short clip is our very own, Julia Brouillette! Julia is an occasional biker so it was only fitting that she starred in this video.

Julia and I got together with a GoPro, Canon Rebel T-4i and a helmet in hand. Unfortunately, the GoPro was not completely charged so we were working with just the Canon and Julia used the GoPro on a separate day. While someone biking down SoCo is not a surprising sight to any third party, someone biking down SoCo while some little girl hysterically runs with a camera to film definitely raises/raised some eyebrows.

Filming someone riding a bike was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, but luckily audio cuts weren’t an issue because we decided to have instrumental music throughout the entire video. Essentially, we wanted this promo video to be just that– a promotion. We want viewers to get a feel that this app is for bikers of any level and will help them to get from point A to point B.

So sit back, relax, pop some popcorn or don’t, but please enjoy bike hub’s first promotional video.

Introducing bike hub




MeFree’s first ad!

This is our first ad for MeFree!

For this first video, we wanted to capture a moment we’ve probably all experienced. When you’re bored and wanting to go out, but first have to endure the daunting process of texting your friends to find out who’s free.

To make this video, the entire team collaborated on the overall idea and vision. Destinee filmed and I acted. The process was fairly simple- we met up at my apartment and followed the general script we’d developed. After a bit of editing, we had our finished product!

The team and I can’t wait to start thinking of our second video and making more progress on our app!

xoxo, Zara

Laying down the foundation

MeFree is quickly gaining momentum! TeamDJAZ has worked hard over the past few weeks to lay down a strong and authentic foundation for development in MeFree. Our computer science majors, Angad and Josh, have worked in group development before and they have learned that a strong base is imperative for the overall production of the project. With that mentality in mind, TeamDJAZ has utilized user feedback, UI/UX research, and design theory to come up with a winning formula in social planning. Here’s a picture of the team in one of its brainstorming sessions:


On thedesign side, Josh created MeFree’s awesome logo. This logo utilizes white and blue to emulate a cloudy, peaceful presence and is outlined in a gradient of green, yellow, and red to relate to one of MeFree’s key availability features that every practicing user will know.

The team has worked hard creating the ideal app flow for MeFree using a service called POP. POP allows us to draw out visual screens that can be mapped to one-another to simulate how we want the app to flow once it is in production. During one of our meetings, each team member created a POP mockup, and we cross-analyzed the design of each to pick and choose what we liked best. Eventually this lead us to a mockup design that encompassed everything we wanted! Here’s a few pictures of what a few of the 21 pages in Josh’s mockup looks like:


The team behind MeFree has finally reached a stage where they feel comfortable with their app’s overall purpose and design. The team initially wanted to focus on user calendars that would be populated on a near weekly basis, if not daily. Through user and professor feedback, the team concluded that an emphasis on NOW instead of the future is more appealing, convenient, and easy for users to pick up. Here’s a picture of the survey question that helped us decide to make the transition:

With a dedicated Github repository, social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as a completed prototype mockup for MeFree, TeamDJAZ is ready to step into the development stage of our app’s development process. Did we mention that we already have almost 300 followers on Instagram?


On the Move…

With a promising plan put into place and a clear direction, Poli is most definitely in full development mode! Over the past two weeks we’ve been working diligently to put forth the best possible product.



As you can see, we’ve taken steps to draw out Poli’s user interface and create an interface that user’s are familiar and can quickly understand.  Quan Vo worked with the team’s input to design an interface that is simple and intuitive while also containing the necessary features that Poli requires.

We also worked to make the interface very clean and compact so that there’s not a lot of moving pieces.

new post

In addition to the sketching and development of a user interface, we worked to create an icon for Poli. James Huang lead the charge on the development of the icon. He based his designs around how Apple would use Picasso to teach their workers how to think about product design. In PIcasso’s “The Bull,” the famous artist used a literal representation of a bull and eventually mutated it into a series of abstract elements.

For the Poli icon, James started with high fidelity images of what he though would be icebergs and gradually experimented with the form until he could distill the lines into it’s most necessary form. He tried to simplify and capture an iceberg and polygonal scene down to a minimum of lines while also trying to adhere to the golden ration.




Pretty cool, right?

While we were working on the style of Poli, we didn’t not forget the technical side. A GitHub was set up for the app as we also started the development of, our website for Poli.

To compliment our future website, Josh Blount and CJ Kim worked together to create FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts for Poli, so be sure to follow and like us to be apart of our slow, but growing fan base.

We’ve also created a survey to better understand users needs in a anonymous messaging app and will be sending it out shortly with the goal being to receive around 80-100 replies

In summary, Team TION had a very production week since we last spoke and we can’t wait to continue our journey.

Coming in Clutch

Hello again!

It’s week six of our app-building journey and we are back with more exciting news!  First and foremost, we finally decided on an app name.

Our bus tracker app will be called Clutch. The idea is that our app will “come in clutch” and keep you from missing your bus or from waiting forever at a bus stop for a shuttle that’s running behind.

Idea 1

Shoutout to Julio for being the visionary and designer behind our awesome icon. twitter banner

Also, we’ve gone live on Twitter and Facebook! Follow us and like our page for more frequent updates and news!

More good news, we are getting closer and closer to getting the app up and running. Micah, Julio and Taylor got access to an API created by David McNiff of CapMetro. This data has allowed them to portray the location of a single bus on a map updating as quickly as every 30 seconds.

This is a very small representation of what our app will be able to do in the end but is definitely a step in the right direction.

Most importantly, we want to let everyone know we are having a blast working together and can’t wait to show you our final product at our demo day on April 30.

See you next week,




It’s the climb

New goal: integrate a song title and/or lyrics into every bike hub blog post. Just kidding, kind of.

Going into week six (what? when did that happen?) of the semester, bike hub is starting to take shape. Jerry and Tony, the CS half of our squad, have been tirelessly working to create a dual container view for the home screen, which will display data points in both map and list form. Jerry made this simulation, to demonstrate:

The next steps will be inputting all of the available bike rack, service station, and pump data, and displaying them on the map and list views based on the user’s location. Once that’s out of the way, we can start worrying about the rack/station/pump filters, which will allow users to see only a selection of map points.

Meanwhile, Alexiz met with Mercedes Feris, executive director of Bike Austin, to get a better sense of what the Austin biking community would want out of the app. Feris suggested we include a more functional, interactive map of nearby safe bike routes/lanes based on the City of Austin’s existing map – which is neither functional nor interactive. She also mentioned the city keeps track of frequent bike crash areas, and that data would be more helpful if it were easily accessible to cyclists.

While we aren’t sure which ideas we can commit to at this point, we plan to keep actively seeking feedback and considering new features. Until next week, we’ll keep everyone posted via our slowly-but-surely-but-mostly-slowly-growing social media accounts.