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What is the secret to Apple’s success?
“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough – it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities that yields us the results that makes our heart sing.” – Steve Jobs

Journalists have been traditionally afraid of technology. Those in the tech world have traditionally been afraid of liberal arts. Both have been weary of each other. That has to change.

This is a cross-disciplinary course between the School of Journalism and the Computer Sciences department at the University of Texas at Austin. In this course, students from both Journalism and Computer Sciences will work toward building an iPhone app in one semester, with the goal of having an app accepted in the Apple App Store.

The class is led by a former journalist who worked with developers at the Austin American-Statesman to create one of the first iPhone apps for a newspaper of its size. Robert Quigley has also worked closely with the newsroom to bring it into the digital age as Internet editor and social media editor. Joining him is Jeff Linwood, an Austin mobile developer and entrepreneur.

Robert With Dan Rather

Robert With Dan Rather

Robert Quigley, a long-time journalist, worked closely with the development team at the Austin American-Statesman on many projects. In his career, he was a sports reporter, assistant news editor, copy editor, page designer, pagination editor, letters editor, Internet editor and one of the media industry’s first social media editors. He has been a senior lecturer at the University of Texas since 2011.




Jeff Linwood

Jeff Linwood is a mobile app software developer in Austin, Texas. After ten years as a senior software engineer, Jeff formed his own company, Biscotti Labs, to develop custom mobile applications for iOS and Android. He’s consulted for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits. He has also co-authored several software development books on Java development.





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